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Executive Officers

Mr. Reginald Braxton - Chief Executive Officer

Reginald Braxton is the Founder and CEO of the Restoring Individuals through Social and Spiritual Empowerment (RISSE, INC). Since 2011, he has worked in giving back to the community, helping people of all ages (children through elderly). He has worked in the leadership capacity in other organizations as Chairman to Director of Operations to Regional director ( the management of several chapters in several states). He has volunteered, participated in and worked with organizations that include American Cancer Society, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, AID/HIV Awareness.

Ms. Cathy Doyal - Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Cathy Doyal is a woman of faith and integrity. Her passion is committed to helping others. Ms Doyal's leadership include being a chairwoman, co-chairperson and treasurer for other local non profit organizations. She is very active in the ministry and in the community.

Ms. Tawanna Kingsberry - Chief Administrative Officer

Tawanna Kingsberry has serving Nonprofit Agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 10 years. Prior to developing a passion for working with Nonprofits, Ms. Kingsberry served in the United States Army National Guard for 4 years and continued to serve on the front lines as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Ms. Kingsberry also served as a tutor for middle schools in Newport News, VA. For more than 25 years, Ms. Kingsberry currently serves as the Executive Director for the Elite Dollz of Faith. She has currently accepted a promotion into the position as Chief Administrative Officer of R.I.S.S.E., Inc. after serving the organization for 2 years. Tawanna is a self-professed “Community Service Guru” and is passionate about organizing people and projects to create positive social change on the Peninsula.
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